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68% of online experiences start with search

If you are not being seen by your customers through organic search you are invisible to 68% of the potential market for your products & services. Being on the first page of google ensures your customers find you instantly, before your competitors.

increase sales, leads & revenue

As Shopify experts & partners our clients with online stores receive only the most seasoned advice led by our industry experts. SEO keywords must be relevant to the search intent of your audience to ensure potential customers are buying your products, first.

performance guaranteed

Unlike other agencies we partner on revenue share not fixed fee, this means you pay only when you grow. No other agencies offer this structure as they hedge their bets on their own performance, we however, don't get paid unless you grow, simple.

An SEO Agency solely focused on your outcomes

We unlock the potential of your product/services with Search Engine Optimisation





What is SEO?

Search Engine Optimisation - or SEO, for short - is just that, optimising your website for search engines.

As search engines like Google have become increasingly efficient at answering peoples questions. It has never been more important to adjust, refine & optimise your website to meet user search intent.

Through a combination of keywords, on page & off page SEO strategy. SEO is the process of combining these techniques into a marketing method that ensures your website is visible to search engine users.

When applied correctly, over time, your website climbs up the rankings. Ensuring you grab more traffic, more leads and more revenue growth opportunities.


How does SEO work?

Time, patience & commitment.

SEO is a process. It take's time, it takes patience and alot of commitment from business owners staying the course.

Unlike pay per click marketing or PPC, SEO doesn't provide instant feedback. Instead it is a process or continual improvement that has the potential to lead to longer term success. As a business improves their page titles, meta descriptions, tags and sitemaps.

Once you begin ranking for keywords and phrases and you rise up the SERP results of google, you will become addicted to the traffic, leads & revenue gains.

But this isn't a one hit wonder campaign, you will be required to constantly refine and improve your content. Build backlinks and constantly refresh your SEO to sustain your new found rankings on Google.


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